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Reversal of payment shall be understood as the refund of the money in exchange for the return of the product received. The reversal applies only in cases of payment by credit or debit card.


1. When the purchased product is not received.
2. When the delivered product does not correspond to what was requested, does not comply with the inherent characteristics or those attributed by the information provided about it.

The maximum term to make and/or request the reversal of payment is 3 working days from the reception of the product. Time for refund: 15 working days from receipt of the claim. To initiate the process, the customer must contact the contact line 7560053 or email contacto@newlabnutrition.com indicating in your claim:

Express statement of the reasons that support the request for reversal of payment. 
Indication of the reason that supports the request, which must correspond to one or some of the above mentioned.
Invoice number or copy.
Value for which the reversal is requested.
Copy of the citizenship card, bank account number, credit card or payment to which the operation was charged.

The customer must deliver the product in the same place and in the same conditions in which it was delivered or as agreed with NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA.


The customer must return the product to NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA by the same means and in the same conditions in which it was received, that is to say, without having been used, with its original seals, and with the packaging and labels intact. 

The costs of transportation and others involved in the return of the goods will be covered by the customer.

The maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be three (3) working days counted from the delivery of the good.

Warranty exchange policies:
It will be understood by change, the substitution of a product for another, due to quality errors or production faults (Products with alterations in its flavor, factory defect, without expiration date or that present some alterations in its quality).

Conditions for exchanges and/or returns:

Return the product in an adequate state and with a minimum consumption to detect its faults in case there are any.
The product must be returned by the same means and in the same conditions in which the customer received it.
When changes are made only for product quality, transportation and/or shipping costs will be assumed by NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA.
The maximum term for changes will be three 3 working days, from the day of receipt of the products.
receipt of the products.
You must present the purchase invoice.
At the moment of reception of any product, NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA will verify the fulfillment of this Policy of Changes and Returns, and it will depend on this, that your request will be proceeding and accepted (the product will be sent to the laboratory of the supplier for the respective analysis).

Procedure for changes:
The claim must be made through the mail contacto@newlabnutrition.com and NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA will respond within a maximum period of FIFTEEN (15) business days, from the time the product has been received for review.

Time of replacement of the product 15 working days from receipt of the claim.

For any exchange and/or return, it is the customer’s responsibility:

Always keep all packaging and labels of the product, at least for 8 days after receiving the order.
 To take into account the terms and conditions described in this site, before the purchase of any of the available products.
Provide correct information for shipping and invoicing purposes, otherwise you will be
Otherwise, you will be responsible for the costs of redirecting the order.
Read and follow carefully the instructions of conservation and storage of the products.
Read in detail the information declared on the label in order to know the correct storage and consumption of the product.
Check before finalizing your purchase that the products included in the shopping cart are
the desired quantity and net content.

Please note that no changes will be made in the following cases:

Adverse reactions declared on the label. NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA will provide advice on any questions that may arise in this regard.
Discounted and/or promotional products will not be exchanged or refunded.

The present policies were created on August 1, 2022 and are effective as of August 08, 2022. Any change that may occur with respect to the present, will be informed through the email address: www.medicalgreen.com


Estimated delivery time in Bogota – Colombia is 2 to 3 business days, other major cities in Colombia is 3 to 6 business days, other re-shipment areas in Colombia is 8 to 10 business days.

Delivery time in Florida – United States is 3 to 5 business days, in other areas of the United States is 6 to 8 business days.

If you make the purchase or it is approved after 09:00 am starts counting the time from the next business day.

The shipment is made with the carrier ENVIA.


Bogotá, Colombia


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