About us

Medical Green is a brand of dietary supplements, with laboratory located in the United States, we have 32 years of experience and leadership in the international market, maintaining a commitment to the health and welfare of consumers worldwide. Medical Green products have high quality standards, are 100% imported and natural.  It offers food supplements, including multivitamins, multinutrients, minerals, plants and innovative formulas.

Medical Green offers products in liquid presentations, powders, softgels, tablets and VEGETAL CAPSULES that are free of allergens, free of preservatives, limit the development and bacterial growth, rapid bioavailability providing better absorption of nutrients. We have B.P.M. Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices) and in Colombia all its products are endorsed with Invima Sanitary Registration and are distributed by NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA, who is the largest distributor of sports nutrition and natural supplements in the country. It has been characterized by marketing only the best and most complete supplements, encouraging consumers to supplements encouraging consumers to lead a healthy life based on nutrition and exercise.


NEWLAB NUTRITION LTDA. is committed and responsible in representing, defending and promoting the product portfolio, consolidating our leadership in the national market, specifically in the distribution channels in the categories of Nutritional Supplements (Vitamins – Minerals). To achieve these objectives we anticipate the needs of our customers, exceeding their service expectations by providing health, wellness and promoting social responsibility with legal and original products.


To consolidate our position as the fastest growing company in the Colombian territory, offering a diverse supplementation portfolio worldwide in the categories of Nutritional Supplements (Vitamins – Minerals).




For yourself, for customers and for the groups of people with whom we interact.

Basis of good service

Doing things right from the start, with agility and enthusiasm.

Corporate ownership

Evidencing in innovative ideas, honesty, ethics, responsibility, efficiency, opportunity and the promotion of a good environment for our external and internal customers.


We collaborate and cooperate actively with others in the pursuit of developing the capabilities and talents of individuals to find their personal fulfillment in the corporate vision and objectives.

Social commitment

We promote social development through clear marketing policies guided by regulatory agencies.

Environmental protection

We support government environmental protection policies by avoiding negative impacts, controlling waste and encouraging the proper use of natural resources.


A feeling of credibility built and generated by the organization in front of its partners, customers, employees and suppliers, which allows to say and act without reservation, within ethics and morality.

Continuous improvement

Attitude of permanent search for a better way of doing things for the benefit of our users, clients or organization.